*Ryan’s Story

As a father all you want to do is give your child(ren) the world. Providing food, a stable household, love, and support were just some of the attributes that drove *Ryan into coming to PADS Lake County for assistance. Ryan and his daughter were looking for assistance in finding permanent housing to call home. Ryan had no source of income at the moment and didn’t know where to start. He met with his case manager, Darnai, and she was able to provide Ryan and her daughter a 90 day motel stay.

Ryan’s determination to do better for himself and his daughter is what drove him to even find a job! With a job under his belt, support from PADS, and his daughter cheering him on, Ryan can now afford an apartment for him and his daughter. Ryan told Darnai that now he has a job, a place to call home, and the extra guidance, he can now move forward and focus on his health.

We are proud of Ryan taking the next step in not only putting his health first, but making sure his daughter has the basic essentials covered. We can’t wait to see what Ryan and his daughter have in store for the future and we are cheering you on!