The Outreach Program literally “meets people where they are at.” We send staff out into the community to engage with persons experiencing homelessness wherever they may be—in a tent in the woods; warming up in the library; seeking shelter in an abandoned building; and so on. The Outreach Team then works with the client to help them access the services they need to move out of homelessness and back into housing.

Over the years, as the Outreach Program has evolved, we have had success with connecting people who were sleeping outside with a housing solution in lieu of entering the shelter system. They literally went straight from the streets to a home. It is our hope to continue to expand this program so that we can connect more people with permanent housing and engage those in need of additional case management to the services they need to get onto a path toward housing.

See someone out in the community?
Contact us at 847-616-5557

If you see someone who may be homeless (sleeping in a public space, panhandling with a sign claiming to be homeless, etc.), call our hotline! We’ll send our Outreach Staff out to try and engage them in services.