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Day Resource Center

PADS Day Resource Center is the point of entry for persons experiencing homelessness. Upon falling into homelessness, individuals and families can come to PADS to get assessed and receive the assistance they need.

Emergency Overnight Shelter

PADS is the only non-restrictive overnight emergency shelter system in Lake County. Our rotating shelter sites are open every night from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am, between October 1 and April 30. Our agency is open year-round and those who are experiencing homelessness can come through our doors and meet with a case manager to discuss their situation and fit them with the best housing options available.



Our Outreach Program seeks to find and engage persons experiencing homelessness out in the community: sleeping in cars, tents, or elsewhere. We literally meet them where they are, build relationships, and help engage them into services. These are often the most vulnerable of the homeless population and have some resistance to services. The Outreach Program helps them receive those services in an environment in which they are comfortable.

Prevention & Diversion

The Prevention & Diversion program allows us to provide an earlier intervention to persons at risk of homelessness, seeking to stop them from falling into it and giving them a different path to housing stability. Considered a “light touch” approach, Prevention & Diversion differs from some of our other programs serving more high-risk clients that require intensive case management.



Supportive Housing

Our Supportive Housing program is for individuals experiencing a longer-term of homelessness as a result of a physical or mental disability. This program follows a Housing First model, designed to get people into housing and out of homelessness as quickly and as appropriately as possible.