Rubio’s Story

Join us in celebrating the incredible journey of resilience and renewal of Rubio, a Waukegan resident who overcame homelessness and found hope in the face of adversity.

After a devastating house fire in 5/2021, Rubio and his girlfriend were left homeless, struggling to find shelter and acceptance. But thanks to the support of PADS Lake County, they found emergency shelter and a lifeline during their toughest times.

Despite battling substance issues, Rubio remained determined to turn his life around. With the unwavering support of his PADS case manager, Latasha, and the collaboration of Catholic Charities, he embarked on a journey of recovery and resilience.

Tragedy struck again when Rubio lost his girlfriend in 4/2022 due to unforeseen health problems. His grief was overwhelming but with the help of PADS, a memorial spot was created where he could find solace and cherish her memory.

Today, we are thrilled to share that Rubio has signed a lease for his very own apartment, marking a new chapter of hope and promise. He is reconnecting with his brother and rediscovering the joys of family bonds.

Rubio’s story serves as a powerful reminder that with compassion, support, and determination, we can overcome even the most challenging circumstances. Let’s celebrate his resilience and cheer for his bright future ahead!