*Ronald’s Story

Once experiencing homelessness, Ronald’s life took a turn when he sought help at PADS Lake County. With numerous challenges ahead, he needed a guiding hand to reclaim his life and find a path to stability.

Thanks to the unwavering support of PADS Lake County, Ronald received the care and assistance he needed. From emergency shelter to emotional support, every step was taken to ensure his well-being.

Ronald had been staying in a building across from the Waukegan Library under the stairway, and his past was marred by a toxic relationship with a previous significant other. But with PADS Lake County’s intervention, hope was rekindled.

Today, Ronald is no longer on the streets, wondering where he’ll rest his head. He’s found a place to call home, thanks to the Emergency Housing Voucher and GBHI (Grants for the Benefit of Homeless Individuals) program provided by PADS Lake County.

Embracing long-term case management, Ronald is now living independently and looking forward to a brighter future. With determination and support, he’s overcoming the barriers he once faced.

We are incredibly proud of Ronald’s resilience and the transformative impact PADS Lake County has had on his life. Together, we can continue to create positive change, one life at a time.

Ronald’s journey is a testament to the power of compassion and community. Join us in supporting PADS Lake County’s mission to empower and uplift those experiencing homelessness. Together, we can make a difference! https://padslakecounty.org/donate/