Music is the language of the spirit.

Our Outreach team first met Carl & Adrienne while they were living outside in a tent. After an initial intake process and ensuring that they had a warm place to sleep at night, we learned that they both struggled with disabilities that made it difficult to find steady work. We also learned that they loved animals, music, and books” that they dreamed of having a place to call home again not only for the safety and security that home provides, but so that they could focus more on finding work and nurturing the interests that make them who they are.

After working with their Case Manager at PADS to search for housing options, sign-up for healthcare, and look for job opportunities, Carl eventually got a call letting him know that there was an apartment available for him and Adrienne. He shared that when they finally signed the lease and got the keys to their own home: ” lost it. I walked in and fell to my knees, and I just said, ˜Honey, we’re home” This place means I can come in when it’s raining and listen to the rooftop. I can close the windows. I can open the windows. I can let the breeze go. I can turn the heat on. I can cook. I can make my music ” I have a life. I need this. I need this. Thank you, PADS.”

Carl is now a proud member of the Waukegan Symphony Orchestra.