Mila Builds Foundations of Hope

*Mila was living with a significant other and because of an issue with the lease and a break-up, she found herself couch surfing between friends in Lake County.  She knew that this arrangement wasn’t sustainable and she longed for a place to call home.   

Mila connected with Malin, a Prevention and Diversion specialist at PADS, and he was able to help her create a new home with new hope.  Because Mila was so motivated and willing to do whatever it took to change her position, she was able to secure employment within just two weeks! 

She did so well in her initial interview, the company that hired her made an offer the same day she interviewed!  All Mila needed was a little insight into her own capabilities and someone to believe in her abilities and Malin stepped into that role perfectly.  She saw in Mila what Mila had lost sight of in herself. 

People need support and resources, but having faith in a person can be equally as important when someone is trying to find their way home. At PADS we strive to help each and every person who walks through our doors see their untapped potential so that they can build the happy, safe lives that they deserve. 

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.