*Mary’s Story

No one ever wants to watch their home burn to the ground with all their belongings, memories, and think “what next.” This is what happened to *Mary and her adult son in December of 2021. Mary and her son were living in their apartment for years, and she was using FERA funds to pay for their rent, as Mary has major health conditions. Mary wanted to provide the best for her son, as she was his primary caregiver. Mary’s son has severe health conditions that require more care than most, and Mary had no idea what to do next. With a limited source of income Mary knew the next best step was to come to PADS Lake County and ask for help.

Mary and her son had been to PADS and other agencies in the past and felt like they did not have any help with navigating the housing and health care system, until they met Malin. Malin was able to listen to their story, understand their concerns, and provide Mary with a positive outcome for their future. Malin was able to provide shelter for Mary and her son in one of our motels’ sites and work with her to come up with a long-term solution.

Malin got in touch with NICASA ARCH and Mary should be receiving an emergency housing voucher, which will open more opportunities for the family. Mary is continuing to receive case management assistance and has a better relationship with our team. She is grateful to have received a manager who understands her story, and continuing to work for her case. We are wishing you the best of luck Mary, and can’t wait until the day you move into your new home!