Amelia’s Tenacity Leads Her Family Home

Imagine, having a one-year-old baby, losing your father, having your mother ask you to leave the home, moving into the basement of a family member and having that basement flood leaving you with nothing and nowhere to go.  That is what happened to Ameila.    

Ameila, as you can imagine was completely defeated.  Her entire world had been turned upside down and she felt hopeless.  Then, Xiomara enters the picture.  Xiomara is a Family Case Manager at PADS, and she instantly connected with Ameila because she is also a mom of a young child.  She knows firsthand how hard it can be to navigate childcare in a pandemic.   

Ameila reached deep within herself and became a very determined young woman.  She changed her perspective and with the help of Xiomara, became her own biggest advocate.  Relying on her strong spiritual faith and the help of the PADS Rapid Rehousing program, Amelia soon found herself a place to stay for her and her child.  She is actively looking for stable employment opportunities and is steadfast in finding a job with fits her skillset. 

Ameila went from being completely distraught to being hopeful for her and her child’s future.  She brings with her everywhere she goes a smile and a renewed hope for her building a strong independent life. 

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality