*Doug’s Story

Most Americans are one mere crisis away from becoming homeless. These odds become even higher if you live with a disability. This is the precise situation *Doug found himself in.

He became physically incapable of maintaining his home and found himself chronically homeless, doing his best to get by while sleeping in his car. The worst part for him was that, due to his instability, his ability to spend time with his beloved grandson was limited.

Because homelessness begins a vicious cycle of instability, barriers prevented Doug from being able to find a safe place to live, no matter how hard he tried. Eventually, Doug found his way to PADS and was assigned a case manager who hunted down a place for him in the Safe Haven housing program.

Being in a safe environment has provided the peace Doug needed to start truly thriving. He is smashing the goals that bring him closer to self-sufficiency every day. And now that he has stable housing, Doug gets to spend even more time with his grandson a dream come true!