*Annie’s Story

Annie’s story started with adversity, but with the compassionate support of PADS Lake County, she found the strength to rise above her challenges and create a better future for herself and her children.

PADS Lake County stepped in when Annie needed it the most. Struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse, and involvement with DCFS, she was determined to turn her life around and regain stability.

Before finding PADS Lake County, Annie was left to sleep out in the streets, searching for a safe place to rest. But now, she has found a sense of belonging and comfort, thanks to the assistance she received.

PADS Lake County played a crucial role in connecting Annie to permanent housing via A Safe Place. While she faced eviction due to lease issues, PADS remained by her side, offering support and guidance.

Today, Annie’s journey is one of hope and transformation. With the Emergency Housing Voucher and GBHI program provided by PADS, she has found a path to independence and long-term case management.

Not only has Annie secured a safe and comfortable place to call home, but she also has a nurturing environment for visitations with her beloved children and DCFS. Her outlook for the future is brighter than ever before.

Annie’s story is a testament to the power of empathy and community support. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those facing homelessness and adversities.

Join us in celebrating Annie’s resilience and the invaluable work of PADS Lake County. Together, we can be a beacon of hope for those seeking a new beginning. https://padslakecounty.org/donate/