*Aaron’s Story

*Aaron came to PADS realizing that he could not last much longer on the streets. For a long time, he has been through some rough times struggling with homelessness, while going through the rigorous impact of unemployment. Finding decent housing continued to be a challenge for him, without the proper documentation normally required by employers. His being disconnected with his family and significant other exacerbated his already desperate situation.

Once signed up with PADS’ services, Madiha, Aaron’s case manager, immediately worked on working with him to get proper documentation in order to find a job. She guided him with how to get legal support to get his records expunged. Aaron appreciated the encouragement he received to connect with his family and friends with whom he has been alienated from for a long time.

“PADS saw that I needed help. They have shown me understanding and compassion from the time I walked in their door. Madiha, my Case Manager, gave me the push I needed to go beyond my fears – take the first steps towards my path to housing. I was miserable, but now, I have hope for my future!”

Today, thanks to YOU, Aaron has found a job at McDonalds, while enjoying the support of his significant other, and his new-found relationships with his friends.